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High speed travel

Comment on Lifeboat foundation facebook page to a link toVIRGIN HYPERLOOP WONDERS: WHAT DOES 600 MPH TRAVEL DO TO THE BRAIN? [ 8/11/20 ] High speed train travel in vaccuum tubes is a very old idea. I wrote about it … Continue reading

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Ginger Campbell’s interview with Seth Grant

Ginger Campbell’s interview with Seth Grant [ 12/10/20 on my facebook page] This is the best podcast I’ve listened to in a while. Yet another level of complexity in the brain – deeply more complex. I suspect more to come. … Continue reading

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Brain Black Box

Studying ethical questions as the brain’s black box Is unlocked S. Matthew Liao, director of the bioethics program at New York University, has a singular title: neuroethicist. Acknowledging all the truth in what Mr X says (and there is lots … Continue reading

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