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Perspectives, responsibility

[ 9/10/20 On Michael Skye’s facebook page] There is certainly great value in being able to see multiple perspectives, and part of that which is really powerful is being able to see the systemic evolutionary drivers of the classes of … Continue reading

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Freedom and limits

How can I set my mind free of the boundaries and limitation the society has set within thyself? I’m beginning to see how flawed the society really is, within its core, within its religions, within its enslavement of the mind … Continue reading

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Laurie- Boundaries Are your boundaries in good condition? Are they effective? Hi Laurie, Boundaries is a topic I have written a lot about over the years. Every level of form or distinction requires boundaries, to enable it to be different … Continue reading

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Millenium Project – State of the Future

Millennium Project releases ’2015–16 State of the Future’ report Still not facing the stark logical fact that an economic system based on market exchange to alleviate scarcity cannot deal with universal abundance in any meaningful way. We have the technology … Continue reading

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Ideapod – Experience

Ideapod – Experience If you give us your time, we’ll give you the experience Really interesting. It seems that evolution and culture each deliver a default sets of values – likes and dislikes, at every level. If seems that we … Continue reading

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