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Places to see

Joie de Vivre If tapping your heels together three times would instantly transport you anywhere in the world—different from your current location—for a 3 week holiday, where would you go? Hi Laurie Glad you enjoyed the trip and good to … Continue reading

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Conversation with a neighbour

Had an interesting conversation this morning with a neighbour (15th April). She is a Christian, and believes in the experience of a personal god – it is a real experience for her. I get that. I get she has that … Continue reading

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Debs’ post on ANZAC day

Comment on Debs’ facebook Hi Debs, My dad would have been 94 on the 26th. He went to WWII, with 21st Battalion, into North Africa, then up through Italy and into Germany. He died 18 years ago. I am not … Continue reading

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Response to Will’s Blog on Riots in Baltimore

Will’s Facebook page Hey Will, A lot of empathy for your stance. And to me, it is the inevitable outcome of accepting the incentive structures implicit in our societal systems. The moment we accept markets as a valuation tool, then … Continue reading

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Spiritual energies

The Feeling-Tone of Loving Faith I’ve been doing similar “crazy stuff” for over 20 years now, in many different ways, and I have a very different explanatory framework within which I have my stories about what is going on. And … Continue reading

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Moon Ring

Saw this amazing Moon ring late last night as I was walking the dogs just before going to bed. Looking at the photo this morning I can just detect colour, so it is obviously a rainbow created in moonlight, and … Continue reading

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Off to get a checkup.

We’re heading to Christchurch this morning, to see Stewart Sinclair and check on cancer. Also to catch up with Will and do a bit of shopping. Last week went to Auckland in Thursday to see my biggest client. Slowly getting … Continue reading

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The Weekend’s happenings

Saturday started with more chainsaw time, then out for a round of golf (played very badly). Sunday was a full day. I organised the Lions Beach fishing contest, which attracted about 176 entrants. Unfortunately it was a bit windy, and … Continue reading

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Jan 7th update

Been a busy few days, with some interesting topics coming up in discussion. Cut a few more trees down, two more this morning, and one yesterday Brene Brown – live to the point of tears an exploration of vulnerability – … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone Time gets away easily. It has been a very busy couple of weeks. Christmas morning in the Howard household, and just about to wake Jewelia. I’m going to start with my most recent post elsewhere, then go … Continue reading

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