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Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see

Basic Income

href=”″>Foundations of Logic – Basic Income BI/UBI (Universal BI) First, a BI is a matter of social justice. The wealth and income of all of us has far more to do with the efforts and achievements of our collective forebears … Continue reading

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A Priori knowledge

Where does A Priori knowledge come from It seems to be an illusion given from a tendency to over simplify the processes of evolutionary epistemology and evolutionary ontology; and is in part amplified by the necessity imposed by reality for … Continue reading

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Divisive Times

James R – Divisive Times Right now we are living through divisive times. People have separated into groups that seem far apart in many respects. There is a lot of friction. … Friction creates energy. If you rub two sticks … Continue reading

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Laurie- Boundaries Are your boundaries in good condition? Are they effective? Hi Laurie, Boundaries is a topic I have written a lot about over the years. Every level of form or distinction requires boundaries, to enable it to be different … Continue reading

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Artificial Life

Link from Foundations of Logic group to Genome article Yep – can now synthesize and insert one of the key components. Have yet to do the whole thing from scratch. It will very probably happen, just hasn’t happened yet. Still … Continue reading

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Quora – Lifespan

What is the expected lifespan of the human race in this rate of consumption of natural resources? That very much depends how you measure the changes in rates and changes at higher levels of abstraction (changes in systems, and changes … Continue reading

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Dirty Laundry

Airing Laundry What’s your take on airing “dirty” laundry? Hi Laurie, The essence of the saying is in the “dirty” part. The dirty part implies something toxic to others (in the dirty knickers sense). The idea that we should be … Continue reading

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