Moehanga Day

Moehanga Day

[ 27/April/23 ]

Moehanga Day

The day (27 April 1806 – 217 years ago) that the first Maori discovered England.

It makes at least as much sense as celebrating the first European to “discover” New Zealand (which was already well populated by Maori for some 700 years), or Australia (which had been populated for some 50,000 years).

It is time we accepted the economic and technological reality of today, that we are all one big diverse and connected tribe of people, and we need to cooperate and respect any diversity (all levels) that is not an unreasonable threat.

And cooperation in this sense means (in part) ensuring that all individuals have levels of resources and freedoms commensurate with the responsibility they are demonstrating. Freedom without responsibility is always destructive – the literal “bull in a china shop”. And responsibility always demands more from us than simply “following the rules”, which is nothing at all like saying that we can break the rules anytime we want, and sometimes rules are not appropriate to context, and we all need to be in our highest minds when we make such assessments.

So – yeah – Happy Moehanga Day!

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