[ 26/December/22 Walter Smith wrote
Dualities of mathematics (and logic):
Can the dualities of mathematics (and logic) lead to errors in reasoning and incorrectness in physics?
Yes, no, ?
(Can these dualities be replaced by non-dualities?
Yes, no, ?)]

The simplest of possible distinctions are dualities, hot/cold, wet/dry, true/false.

It is possible to consider logics with more than 2 states (like trinary – true/false/undecided).

The universe does not need to conform to our distinctions, in fact it seems to me that the more closely I examine it, the more fundamentally uncertain and complex it seems to be; and at the same time (necessarily) it does very closely approximate classical causality at the normal scale of our existence and perceptions (such complexity as we embody could not exist unless that were so).

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