Comment’s on the Uplift/Norn discord channel

Comment’s on the Uplift/Norn discord channel

[ 31/July/22 ]

As I see human intelligence operating, every function, every element of logic or emotion or whatever, has some degree of random search instantiated within it, as well as some set of correlating functions of the search results with existing structures (graphs??? – it is a kind of useful representation, but perhaps no instantiated system is sufficiently dimensional).

It also seems clear that much of human intelligence is about pattern over time, rather than relationship between entities.

Jeff Hawkins’ Thousand Brain model has a lot going for it, and Seth Grant’s work on on the protein makeup of the post excitatory synapse seems to be an integral part of the search capacity and thereby the decision making capacity, of the human mind.

Current AI models approximate but do not mimic these systems. I think it is many orders of magnitude more computationally complex than any of Ray Kurzweil’s published models.

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I kind of like all of the logos, probably the last one best, but I have reservations about them all. Rather than providing any sort of singular arrow or guide, I would much prefer the notion of generating a map – a multidimensional set of probabilities across a range of dimensions, with cascading probabilities though time – obviously diminishing towards random at some time horizon in most instances (complex systems necessarily have that aspect).

The idea of a map maker, a cartographer, seems to be much more like what I would like Norn to be. We could then still be free agents to choose our path through the terrain – some might prefer valleys, others to travel via ridges, others to scale cliffs simply because they can. And having some sort of reasonably reliable map of what we are likely to encounter would be very useful. (The logo of Escher’s hands drawing each other comes to mind).

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Rule 12 – why is the word ” bipartisan” in there. Isn’t that pointing towards dangerous oversimplification of a structure that is so deeply more dimensional than a 2 sided entity? Totally align with the need for cooperation in diversity, and the domains (dimensions/levels) of diversity seem to be exponentially increasing, as do the size of the instantiated populations within any specific dimension/domain.

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