Bridging Real-Time Artificial Collective Superintelligence and Human Mediation

Bridging Real-Time Artificial Collective Superintelligence and Human Mediation, The Sparse-Update Model

[ 31/July/22 ]

Great paper.

One quibble is on the role of cooperation in evolution. One needs to be able to see the context dependencies of that.

It is accurate to say that all new levels of complexity in evolved systems require new levels of cooperation for survival long term, and that such cooperation demands evolving ecosystems of cheat detection and mitigation systems if it is to survive.

This becomes a deeply recursive and exponentially more complex and dimensional set of structures as levels of complexity increase.

Any level of unrestrained competition that is not firmly based in cooperation now poses existential level threat to our level of complexity. I have no shadow of remaining reasonable doubt around that conclusion, and I have been testing it for over 40 years.

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