Quantum logic

Is there a quantum logic

[ 28/November/21 Is there a quantum logic?
Yes or no?
(If yes, what are the principles (dogmas?) of this quantum logic?)]

It is much more complex than that.

Different forms of logics can exist based on different relationships between states of being.

Classical logics are based on hard causal relationships between states.

If one moves to a trinary logic, where states of True/False/Undecided are possible for all things, then it is different.

If one moves to an entirely probabilistic logic, where notions like “True” and “False” may only be asymptotically approximated, then that is something else again.

In modeling terms it is all about the state transition matrices.

Classical logic has simple fixed state transition matrices, and the existence of complex systems is predicated on some contexts being able to reasonably closely approximate such states. But there is no requirement that reality generally be so constrained in all contexts or at all scales. The mathematics of quantum mechanics seems to suggest that it is not.

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