How can younger generations avoid overwhelm?

How do millennials and Gen-Z keep being hopeful for their future and not be overwhelmed with the negative aspects of climate change/economic downturn/society that’s more divided than ever?

[ 3/April/21 ]

By becoming as aware as possible of science and particularly the strategic depths required for the evolution of complexity.

By being able to see past the dogma of previous centuries, and see that in the long term complexity can only survive in contexts that are fundamentally cooperative.

By being able to see that fundamental competition is the enemy of both liberty and complexity, and must drive systems to some minima on the available complexity landscape. Competition is only survivable if it is built upon a cooperative base.

By being able to see clearly that all form, all complexity, has sets of boundaries required for its survival, and that freedom demands responsibility to ensure that none of those essential boundaries are broken. And as the levels of complexity present builds, so do the levels of fundamental uncertainty around exactly what constitutes a required boundary in any particular context.

By being able to see that markets and money fail as reasonable measures of value in the presence of fully automated systems. Survival in an age of full automation demands that all individuals have what they consider a reasonable sufficiency to do whatever they responsibly choose.

By showing responsibility in exercising their freedom, and by cooperating to create security for all sapient entities, where-ever they exist.

By working diligently to respect individuality, and honor diversity, at the same time as they respect such boundaries as are necessary for the survival of all in any and all contexts.

There are many ways in which the price of liberty always has been and will always remain – eternal vigilance.

Practice vigilance!

Practice awareness.


Create diverse trust networks, and learn how to counter the tendency of AI marketing systems to create dissention by feeding people only what holds their interest. The only counter is to respect individuals, however odd they seem, and work as much as possible to create connection and trust, to the degree that it seems reasonable to do so. And be alert for cheats, at many different levels.

Practice making your own assessments.

Practice holding ideas that others disagree with, and maintaining respect. Any real expression of freedom results in diversity, and such diversity must have respect – all levels!

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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