Will climate change be a problem

Will climate change be a problem in our lifetime, or should we leave it to the next generation?

[ 6/Mar/21 ]

It is a real problem now.

It is one of very many real problems we have now.

Loss of liberty is a real issue.

Lack of responsibility is a real issue.

Liberty without responsibility is necessarily self terminating – just imagine giving a three year old a flame thrower in your house.

One of the huge issues we face is that we live in a world that is clearly more complex than anyone can deal with in detail, so we must all, of necessity, simplify it down, and much of that simplification is done subconsciously, and much more done by constructs we inherit from culture and history. An issue within that is that many of the simplifications that worked reasonably well in the past are failing due to changes in context that few even recognize as such.

Sure, there are issues about people wanting to solve all issues with rules and laws, without realizing that rules and laws can only ever be a backstop, and what is really needed is education, awareness, and responsibility. And responsibility only works if people have enough freedom to do what needs to be done without some idiot threatening them with some rule that really does not work in that specific context.

Climate change is a real issue, and it is technically a reasonably easy issue to solve, and it is one of a collection of related issues.

The biggest issue we face right now is creating a global awareness that cooperation at all levels is fundamental to our survival. When one actually puts in the time to seriously examine the mathematical depths of the strategies present in evolved complex systems, then it becomes clear that every level of complexity requires a new level of cooperation to emerge, and to become stable it must develop effective sets of cheat detection and mitigation strategies. At higher levels of awareness, those mitigation strategies must focus on removing the cheating strategy while leaving the agent that was employing them otherwise unharmed. And that becomes a deeply complex suite of topics.

Why is global cooperation critical to solving climate issues?

Because technologies sufficiently powerful to actually manage climate over the long term (to eliminate the cycles of ice ages from the past) must be sufficiently powerful to pose an existential level risk in a competitive context (without cooperation the cure is worse than the disease).

We must all recognize that any real expression of liberty will result in diversity – all dimensions.

Thus anyone who claims liberty must also display responsibility and respect for diversity.

Responsibility is necessary because every level of structure has necessary sets of boundaries to maintain form. Any actions that break any of those boundaries result in self destruction. If one is concerned with continued existence, then one must respect the existence of all other self aware agents, and all sets of conditions required for their survival. That is first level responsibility.

Gaining sufficient awareness of systems that one can make reasonable approximations to probable consequences across all levels of processes and systems in modern technological and political contexts of an interconnected global context is not common.

So there is a sense in which I can fully understand and to an extent agree with many of the criticisms of responses to the existing suite of proposals; and at the same time, I am clear that we need societal level responses that actually deal with the very real climate issues, and a whole suite of other issues that are actually existential level risks to humanity.

So it is our issue.

It demands personal responsibility from each of us.

It demands cooperation at all levels, particularly international – and naïve cooperation is always vulnerable – so real cooperation has to have real strategies and mechanisms that ensures cooperation will be maintained (all levels).

It demands fundamental change to many aspects of social and economic systems that few have given serious thought to as yet.

And all of this is demanded of us if we actually have individual life and individual liberty as values (and they are mine, in that order).

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see www.tedhowardnz.com/money
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