Nature and culture interact

Do you agree with the fact that culture and nature interact with each other and affect one another in complex ways in a sort of co-evolutionary process? Give examples.

[ 12/Mar/21 ]

Certainly, there are many levels of strategic parallels in the systems of biology and culture.

Certainly there are many ways in which cultural and technological systems have unintended (and in many cases unknown) impacts on biological systems.

And the example you give of burning fossil fuels necessarily leading to the extinction of large mammals by 2100 is not accurate.

In the early 70s I studied biochemistry and physiology, and I was also a keen diver. So it did many practices to improve my ability to hold my breath. The first thing one must do is develop an ability to override the CO2 triggered breathing reflex. That is not particularly difficult.
I used a square breathing technique to extend my ability to handle low oxygen for long periods. I could maintain 56 second a side square breathing for two hours, but when I went to 57 seconds I went unconscious after about an hour.

So we can handle quite low O2 partial pressures, and still maintain some form of consciousness.

Many times our distant ancestors have been subject to low O2 partial pressures for extended periods, for a variety of reasons we really need to avoid in our future. If we are serious about indefinite life extension (and I am) and about retaining reasonable degrees of freedom (and I am), then we need to accept individual responsibility, and part of that is accepting that international cooperation is a pre-requisite for both long term survival and reasonable degrees of individual freedom.

And that means understanding that global cooperation between multiple levels of classes of self aware agents is a very different thing from the global domination of any particular individual or class or set of agents.

If you are interested in putting some of your billions towards enhancing strategies to achieve such cooperation and security then please contact me.

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To a degree, I agree with you, and there are relatively simple technological solutions, but they require international cooperation to implement.

Awareness is the big thing.

Getting people to understand the fundamental role of cooperation in the emergence and survival of all levels of complexity, and the necessary implications of that on politics.

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It’s not too late.

Solutions are entirely possible.

And population management is a key part.

One child maximum need to be the rule very soon.

It is difficult to get groups acting responsibly, but not impossible.

We have so many levels of biases within our neural networks that very few have much awareness of. Many of them necessary in some contexts, and dangerous in others. Awareness is step one on an infinite journey.

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Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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