Is ethics without religion possible

[ 14/Mar/21 Walter Kant – The Foundations of Logic – Is Ethics without religion possible?]


When one understands the strategic systemic underpinnings of the process of evolution, and one has a reasonable self interest in living a very long time, then the strategic reality that the greatest probability of living a very long time with reasonable degrees of freedom comes from having systems that ensure a reasonable sufficiency to everyone, and demand responsibility from all.

One does not have to delve far into the nature of freedom to see that freedom without responsibility must eventually destroy the sets of constraints that allow for the existence of that level of freedom. For longevity, responsibility is essential.

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Hi Conrad,

This gets really complex, as there are many possible permutations.

Some may not be aware that constraints are necessary for long term survival, and may very simply be rejecting any limits as unwarranted.

Some may have noticed that such constraints as are present seem to be largely unwarranted, or to be explicitly the effects of cheating strategies at some level, and to have rejected all constraints as “cheating”.

Some may simply have an FU attitude to all forms of external authority.

All of those can be simply accounted for by simple first order strategies.

When you start to get into higher order strategies, particularly with higher order “cheating” strategies using others as “pawns” in their “game space”, then the permutations increase rapidly.

In the 46 years that I have been consciously looking for evidence of higher order strategy systems and their permutations, I am reasonably confident that I have reliably detected 4th order strategies at play. I am less confident about higher order strategies. I have attempted 12th order considerations myself, but the possible permutations make any such attempt little different from random.

The impacts of any level or type of strategy is very context dependent.

I am very clear to all levels of “players” that my objective is to ensure the lives of all, and then to empower as much liberty as any level of agent can responsibly exercise, acknowledging all the necessary levels of uncertainty present in making such assessments. Every such determination necessarily requires levels of reasonableness appropriate to context (with plenty of room for discussion about what is reasonable in any particular context).

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