Bill Gates and Climate change

Has Bill Gates ever talked about blocking out the Sun as a way of tackling climate change?

[ 6/1/21 ]

Do you rely on rain on you personally to supply you with drinking water, or do you take your drinking water from some sort of water supply that is managed to be more reliable than “natural” rainfall?

You might think that a silly question, because of course we all get our water from managed sources.

If we wish to survive as a global society then we have to manage all the many sources of large scale climate variation to keep it within limits that allow for the survival of the global human population and significant examples of all the other ecosystems that exist.

As others have noted anyone who has seriously thought about this suite of issues from perspectives that include engineering, will have considered some of the many sets of strategies available for managing primary insolation (the amount of sunlight reaching the surface of the earth over the longer term).

I proposed such a system in in 1993, and in May 2006 travelled from New Zealand to Seattle in an attempt to talk to Bill about it. I did not get to him directly, but was interviewed on morning drive-time radio (KZOK) for 20 minutes about the proposal (Monday 29th 8am I think, but may have been Tuesday 30th).

I do not know if Bill ever got to directly consider that suggestion, and as others have said, anyone who seriously looks at the depths of complexity present in existence, and in the long term survival of complex adaptive systems (like ourselves) in fundamentally uncertain environments must necessarily have considered such options.

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