Seasons greetings and best wishes

Wishing all people well.

None of the cultural or religious paradigms I have investigated seem particularly accurate or useful in our current reality, and all are some approximation to useful, particularly in the times of our past.

What seems to me to be necessary for our survival as a species is to recognise a set of things:

. That all individuals have value;

. That the responsible exercise of individual freedom is essential at all levels;

. That reality seems to be sufficiently complex that all of our perceptions and understandings of it are necessarily simplistic (however complex they may be), and all will be useful in some set of contexts (and not so useful in others);

. That any expression of freedom necessarily results in diversity, and that diversity must be accepted, tolerated, and respected (provided it is not a significant threat to the life or liberty of any other);

. All cultures are tuned to survival in the contexts of our past, and as such demand respect and consideration; but in our rapidly changing present, are not necessarily good guides to what is now required;

. Markets and money are measures based in scarcity, that in the presence of advanced automation fail in ways that threaten us all. We need to think beyond the scarcity values of markets, to the abundance values that are possible (like the air we breath, abundant, essential, and free – most goods and services could no be like that – if we choose to make it so – automated systems make that possible in most cases);

. Systems based in competition necessarily reduce both freedom and diversity. Real expressions of freedom and creativity demand a cooperative context. In evolutionary terms it is now clear beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt that all new levels of evolved complexity are based upon new levels of cooperation (and that rapidly gets very complex, as every new level required new levels of cheat detection and mitigation strategies). Thus it is now beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt that our long term survival requires global cooperation between multiple levels of independent agents. And to be clear, cooperation is nothing like control; and all responsible agents must admit of the necessity of some form of limits for the existence of any level of structure. So freedom can only continue to exist if those necessary limits are acknowledged and respected (otherwise it is destroyed by its own actions).

So it seems clear to me that we have the possibility of a world where all individuals have their reasonable needs for food, shelter, education, energy, transport, healthcare, security and communication met, and have reasonable access to a sufficient set of toys to keep life interesting. None of the alternatives seem to have much chance of surviving very long at all.

And such a future demands respect for life, for liberty, for property, for cultures, for the ecosystems on which we all depend.

The choice is down to us, each an every one of us.



About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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