[ 8/9/20 Facebook – Philosophy of Science – Is information inherent in the Universe?]

Like others have said – it depends on the definition of “information” and the complexity of the model of interpretation one applies to it.

For me, it does seem very probable that this universe within which we exist has at all levels of structure some form of balance/boundary between order and chaos – and both seem to be essential to deliver us.

It seems clear to me that all new levels of complexity in evolved systems are the result of new levels of “cooperation” between the systems present at the old levels (and that is an extremely complex subject containing ecosystems of cheat detection and removal strategies necessary for survival at all levels of cooperation).

To get to a system of sufficient complexity that it can build a usefully reliable model of the world around it (including itself) and can develop and use abstract language to describe the elements of those models (and by inference the things they model) with some useful degree of fidelity, requires many levels of cooperative systems to be present (it seems probably that about 15 levels of cooperative complex systems is a minimum for human level languaging intelligence).

In the sense of anything having sufficiently reliable structure over some period of time to influence the nature of the structure of something else (to give form), then yes – such ability to influence form at some level seems to be a prerequisite for the ability of a matrix to evolve something like us.

If Garrett Lissi is correct in his conjecture that the simplest things we can currently measure in existence are some function of the most complex symmetry known to mathematics (the E8 Lie group), then that fundamentally alters what most people would consider the relationship to simplicity.

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