Daniel S posted a link on his facebook about freedom of speech

Daniel S posted a link on his facebook page to Double down news – the future of journalism

[ 31/8/20 ]

This is a really important, and an extremely complex issue.

If one has as one’s highest values individual life (first) and individual liberty (second), then there are a raft of derivative responsibilities that come from that.

Our individual lives are in large measure dependent on a lot of things we rarely think about, like all the ecosystems that support the livable and interesting conditions we value, and all the social systems that deliver all the security and niceties we enjoy. How many people think deeply about all those levels of interconnections.

It is now established beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt that what all human beings experience is a subconsciously generated model of reality, and that reality itself is far more complex and fundamentally uncertain with multiple levels of chaotic components, than any computational entity (human or AGI) can deal with in detail, and therefore we are all living in our own personal simplistic Virtual Realities (VRs) in a very real sense. In some individuals some aspects are vastly more simplified that in others, and that must eternally be the case.

We also have the biological reality that evolution punishes slow responses much more harshly than it does slightly inaccurate ones. The last person to move as a predator approaches is often the one without any more descendants.

So we all have multiple levels of systems in our brains that simplify our experience of reality under stress, and increase the speed of response. The more stressed we are the more likely we are to classify anything different or unusual as dangerous. That is built into the biological function of our neural systems – each and every one of us.

So somebody relaxed and intellectually engaged with a complex topic can say something nuanced, that when heard by someone without any prior experience of the subject who is deeply stressed by their current context, is experienced as a threat.

That is reality.

The US system keeps many people essentially ignorant and stressed most of the time. That is a recipe for conflict.

If anyone seriously values life, then we need to create conditions where all individuals experience as much security as possible, and are given as much opportunity as possible to develop as accurate a set of models of the complexity within which we exist, and the modes of response most appropriate to different classes of situations, as possible.

With fully automated systems that is relatively easy to do.

Following rules or laws cannot do that.

Certainly, all classes of complexity have necessary sets of boundaries that must be respected for survival, and sets of laws ought to be some approximation to those necessary boundaries, and no set of laws can ever actually be such a boundary set, because all such boundaries are themselves complex and context sensitive and eternally evolving things.

One of the things that must necessarily result from freedom is diversity. Anyone who claims freedom must be willing and able to respect diversity. If not, then they are not really respecting the freedom of anyone but themselves.

We are in an extremely complex time.

The ideas of markets and money that arguable have served freedom reasonable well for a considerable period are, in the presence of fully automated systems, now becoming the greatest danger to freedom and to life itself; but overly simplistic dogma cannot see that as a possibility – it occurs as insanity within any model where markets are freedom.

Our situation is complex and dangerous on more levels than most people have ever imagined the possibility of.

Every level of awareness and understanding demands respect.

Every level of liberty demands responsibility, and must result in diversity that will be difficult and challenging for many.

This is our current reality.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see www.tedhowardnz.com/money
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