The shortest Distance

The shortest Distance

[ 23/6/20 ]

Hi Laurie

I enjoy most modes of transport.

I love driving. 23 hours behind the wheel was my longest day, but plenty over 12 hours.
These days I will take a 4WD as far as I can before I start walking, unless it is a golf course 😉

Used to do a lot of off road motorcycling. Have done quite a bit of time in gliders, some parachuting, quite a bit of fixed wing time, a few hours on choppers. Have put a few thousand miles on my mountain bikes.

In my younger days I did some quite high speed stuff on 2 and 4 wheels (over 150mph on both).
I enjoy sailing, have done a bit of competitive sailing but these days just have a little catamaran to play with. When one is sailing the shortest (time) between two points is very rarely a straight line.

Have a little 15 ft powerboat, and a canoe and little blowup boat big enough for 2.

Last day of last year we did 12 hours with the Isuzu Bighorn in low ratio and covered 60 miles of back country tracks going to Palmer hut and back home again. That was a fun trip. A couple of weeks ago Ailsa and I had 5 days away from home on the West Coast, and did 20km walking one day, and 25km another day.

So we still manage to do a bit. Ailsa just got home having walked 14km into a hut yesterday, then walked out today, then drove the 3 hours back home from the start of the track. She does more walking than me, but I probably do about 20km a week most weeks, and sometimes much more than that.

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