Quora – Is Solipsism a form of postmodernism?

[ 6/6/20 ]

My own view, is that the only thing one can be 100% certain of is that I exist as some sort of something.

I cannot be 100% confident of what sort of something, but I can be reasonably confident about many of the major themes of the nature of what sort of something that I am.

Similarly with the rest of reality. It seems that reality is really complex, and contains many different classes of fundamental uncertainties and more than a few fundamental unknowables.

Now you get to the tricky issue of “what is postmodernism”?

Postmodernism seems to present a vast ecosystem of variations on various themes.

Those themes of postmodernism that stress that all things contain uncertainties and must therefore be expressed in terms of probabilities I am happy to work with and count myself among.

Those themes that are more extreme pyrrhonist, that go beyond confidence and uncertainty to denying the possibility of any sort of confidence seem to me to be entirely nonsense from any sort of logic or systems perspective, in that they deny themselves, and seem to be more about achieving political objectives.

So there seem to be vast spectra across multiple domains in both terms, that allow one to answer it in the affirmative or the negative depending on where you choose to put a definition on either term.
For me, the situation is far too complex to give a simple answer to.

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