Laurie – Any way the wind blows

Laurie – Any Way the Wind Blows

[ 3/6/20 Do you go with the flow, any way the wind blows—or do you stand firm? ]

Hi Laurie,


I’ve done a lot of sailing and flying. I am used to using the power of the air currents to allow me to go where I want by going in various directions that are possible, and get me closer to where I want to be, but are rarely directly towards it.

So I often use the power of the flow, by redirecting it in various ways, to get to where I want to go.

And sometimes the flow is too strong, and I need to go with it to some degree. Three times in my time at sea I found myself in winds in excess of 80 knots and seas that can only be described as mountainous. Once I was at sea in a small dinghy in a squall of about 70 knots – which was “interesting”.

And in Zen there is the idea of bending like the grass does in the wind – neither resisting nor going, but flexing and coming back.

And looking at it from an entirely different perspective, that of information systems, one can look at all of life and all of existence as embodied information systems. One of the things to come out of the theory of “search” about 20 years ago is that the most efficient possible search of unstructured data is the fully random search.

So part of what I do is “random search” across all “possibility spaces” that I am aware of (all of what is real and all of what might be possible).

In a very real sense, random search is entirely independent of “flow”.
So in that sense, I try and spend a significant fraction of my time outside of the idea of flow (in any and all dimensions).

So my response is very much dependent on both context and choice – sometimes I stand, sometimes I go with the flow, mostly I flex and sometimes I am completely outside the “flow”.

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