Viruses and Bill Gates

[ 20/4/20 Ron shared an image on facebook, with two pics of Bill Gates,
1 – 1980s – lets infect computers with a virus and then sell them antivirus software; and
2 – 2019 – Lets infect people with a virus and then sell the vaccine]

This is total nonsense Ron. You’ve been around enough to know the real story.

Viruses exist. They way predate humanity.

Computer viruses predated Gates by a long time.

Pissed off programmers have been creating viruses for a very long time, and that is always a possibility.

Various black and criminal organisations have very strong incentives to create them too.

This is just a stupid and nearly criminal sort of meme to be spreading at a time like this. Seriously irresponsible.

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Hi Ron

Sure Gates is scary. You do not get to be the richest guy on the planet by being nice. I’ve been in the software business for almost 40 years, and have some experience in the matter.

And that has nothing at all to do with the image above – which is not really applicable to this situation we have now with covid-19.

And sure, things are complex. I have no doubt that more than a few agents are attempting to profit financially from the existing situation. I don’t think Bill is one of them, in this specific instance.

I am also sure that there will be many levels of conspiracy happening – always is, but this situation as a whole does not seem to me, at this point in time, on the balance of the many evidence sets and interpretive schema I have been able to find and evaluate, to be the result of any sort of grand conspiracy.

My dad taught me a rule almost 60 years ago which has served me well – never ascribe to intention that which can be adequately explained by incompetence. It usually works, and occasionally a conspiracy can hide behind it, but I suspect not in this case (at least not by Bill Gates).

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2 Responses to Viruses and Bill Gates

  1. debyemm says:

    Thank you. I get so tired of that stuff. I can’t find my way back to the article (which I found in The Washington Post yesterday) but it was very reassuring about why the current virus could not be man-made and about biological weapons in general. The author was Nathan Wolfe who wrote a book titled The Viral Storm: The Dawn of a New Pandemic Age.

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    • Hi Deb,

      There is no such thing as “could not be man made”. We can make any sequence of nucleotides and therefore by implication any protein structure.

      So there is no Absolute way by looking at the structure of telling where it came from. And one can look at the sets of incentives in place, and the sets of evidence, and make an assessment on balance of probabilities.

      Could it have been human made?
      Sure, anything can be.

      Could it have accidentally escaped from a research facility?
      Sure, always possible.

      Could it have been a deliberate action by some state or non-state actor?
      Sure, such things do happen from time to time. Not all conspiracy theories are real, and there is no shortage of real conspiracies, as any serious student of history or strategy or planning or politics will be very well aware of.

      Does it seem likely to me that Bill Gates was in any fashion responsible for Covid-19?
      No – that seems to be a very low probability scenario.

      And I don’t do True or False, Right or Wrong – all I have is balance of probabilities across the range of scenarios and time-frames and strategies investigated.


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