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Technological progress is a key driver of improvements in incomes and standards of living. What are the causes and current effects of technological globalization? About what should I write?

[ 20/4/20 ]

To understand globalization, you need to understand the entire set of games theoretic notions that led John von Neumann to develop the idea of mutually assured destruction, and the ongoing requirement for interdependencies in order to keep any semblance of stability in that utterly unstable systemic base.

You then need to understand the two major system flaws in all of current economic and political theory (ideas that are near enough to true in limited domains, but entirely false as general theoretic frameworks).

The first of those is the idea that evolution is all about competition.

It is true that competition can be an important factor in evolution in some contexts, but it is also true that cooperation is fundamental to the emergence and maintenance of any new level of complexity, and that it is therefore much closer to reality to say that at our level (as the most complex things we yet know of) that our evolution and survival is all about cooperation.

The second notion, the one underpinning most of economics and and von Neumann’s approach, is that we exist in a finite bounded and therefor zero sum game space. That entire notion is false.

True, we currently live on a finite ball of rock (our planet Earth), but it has hugely more mass than we currently either need or can use, and is thus essentially irrelevant to this discussion.

The major limiting factor for us has always been ideas, information and the ways in which it can be structured and related. Ideas allow us to develop technology, and to do more with less, indefinitely. The space of possible ideas is not bounded, it is infinite.

So both of the foundational notions underpinning our current economic and political systems are proven to be false.

They may have been reasonably useful simplifications in our past, but that case can no longer be made. Technology has fundamentally changed that, and our long term survival (both individually and collectively) is predicated on expanding technological capabilities (for a host of reasons I will not detail here, but have elsewhere).

We need new systems.

Those systems must be based in cooperation, and the ideas of individual life and individual liberty leading to open exploration of infinite possibility. Those systems must also include the ideas of individual responsibility, as there are real limits on social and ecological systems that must be respected in the exercise of liberty. Liberty without responsibility is rapidly self terminating (the mathematics and logic of that is beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt).

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Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see www.tedhowardnz.com/money
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