A day of celebration.

This day 26 years ago Ailsa and I got married.
22 years and 3 days ago the title for this house changed into our name (with a mortgage, which has been gone a couple of years).

Today is a special time for me, for us. I have never ceased loving Ailsa, even when her actions are at their most incomprehensible to me. And in a weird sense, that is part of the attraction – we are so different.

I don’t think either of us are easy – we have often made the joke that we met in that little pile of people who slid off the end of the bell curve.

We are two weeks into coronavirus lockdown. I have been to the supermarket 3 times in 16 days.

We will take a walk around the block together later.

I will cook pizzas for dinner tonight (I am not a great cook, nor do I normally cook, but I can cook a reasonable pizza – vegan wholemeal for me, but cheese and salami for Ailsa).

Have been spending a lot of time over the last weeks coding and debugging, getting ready to deploy a major language upgrade to clients, which has posed some interesting challenges.

The Hutton’s Shearwaters had mostly gone at my last visit to the colony.
I will probably go out an download everything from the data-loggers this weekend, and pack things away for the winter. I can do that walking from home without going near anyone.

An idea that keeps coming back to me is, that after this lockdown ends, there will still be the people, and the goods and services present. But the distribution of numbers (money in digital accounts) will not aligned with the needs of people. We will need to shift some numbers around to keep the system limping along until real reform is completed; and a real long term plan for transition to responsible abundance is in place (and continually monitored and reviewed).

The economic system we have in is need of major change, it is no longer suited to our changing conditions.

We need to value a lot of different things:
individual life;
individual liberty;
social systems;
ecological system;
goods and services;
the lessons of deep history;
the novelty of creative possibility;
independence; ….

All of these things are important.
Finding balance between order and chaos at every level, in every context, is important.
No simple set of rules can do that.
Responsibility is demanded of all of us.
Economic efficiency robs us of liberty and creativity, yet currently the economic system performs many levels of essential function.

These are really challenging times.

How we respond is really important.

We all need to do our best, accepting that we will often get it wrong, and we need to extend the same to others, while also being alert for those few who are actually cheating on the system (because some few do – and we all have a responsibility to identify them, and to incentivise them to change their ways).

Interesting day.

Interesting times!

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see www.tedhowardnz.com/money
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