Quora – What is the responsibility of humans in society?

Quora – What is the responsibility of humans in society?

[ 28/2/20 ]

To survive.

To create conditions that give the greatest security and longevity possible to all self aware agents, while also delivering the greatest degrees of freedom possible.

We are the experiment of evolution.

We are the greatest embodiment of cooperation and creativity ever to have existed on this planet.

We either accept all the responsibility that comes with that, or we perish.

And both creativity and freedom exist on the boundary between order and chaos.

Too much chaos, and the complexity that we are and can become cannot maintain itself.

Too much order, and freedom disappears.

The art of life is always finding where that dynamic boundary exists in any particular context, and surfing it.

To be a responsible human is to know that we can be anything – and to choose to be the best we can – the most cooperative, the most creative.

It is time to expose the lie that our creativity and power lies in competition and markets; and see the evolutionary and strategic reality – that real security and real freedom can only exist in cooperative contexts that respect individual life and individual liberty – human and non-human, biological and non-biological.

That demands of all of us an acceptance of diversity.

That is responsibility.

Cooperation between all levels of free conscious agents.


[14/7/20 – In response to an answer by Yogini ]


To a degree, yes, we must be in the present, and as responsible human beings we need to give due consideration to both the past and the present and the future – the past for lessons, the future for possibilities.

Totally agree that we need to think of ourselves and everyone else, and the environment, and those yet to come.

Life seems to work best when we find a balance that works for us, and we are as responsible as the situation allows, and we accept that we are all working with less than perfect information and understandings and predictions, so error is inevitable. Seeing and accepting error, and being responsible for cleaning up messes, is a big part of making life work.

Happiness seems to be an odd thing; that seems to have been tuned by the conditions of our past, and isn’t necessarily appropriate to the exponentially changing present. So to me happiness isn’t enough on its own, it needs to be balanced by responsibility – and there is plenty of scope in the eternal uncertainties of existence for that to give a huge range of freedom and diversity.

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