Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits

Do you have up-and-coming travel plans?

Hi Laurie,

Depends what you mean.

I’m not a great one for long distance (overseas) travel, but I have been known to drive 21 out of 24 hours a couple of times, and often drive 6 hours for a 2 hour meeting. That sort of thing happens a lot when the nearest city is 2.5 hours away. So quite happy driving 10 hours a day to get someplace interesting, and NZ has lots of interesting places.

The last day of last year had us do 100km (60miles) in low ratio 4WD – 10 hours drive time, into a bit of the back country I had been wanting to visit for many years – Palmer hut. A great day out, but home to my own bed at the end of it.

Ailsa got a new tent, and had her first night in it last night. She is off for a few days later this week. I suspect we will spend quite a few nights in that tent over the next few years.

I’ve got my little catamaran just about ready to go, with electric motor for when the wind drops. So suspect we might get some sea time in as well. Got a bit more work to do on the solar charger.

Looking forward to the arrival of my 3D printer, laser cutter and 3D Milling machine, that together with what is already in the workshop should let me build the toys I want for some extended back-country travel. But that wont happen until next year.

No overseas trips planned for this year, but we should get around most of NZ before the year is done.

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