Laurie – Henny Penny

Laurie – Henny Penny

What recent moment are you glad you didn’t miss?

This morning was just waking up to the sound of the thrushes and blackbirds doing their pre dawn thing. 3 days ago it was standing on the 18th green at the Kaikoura golf course listening to the grey warblers doing their thing in full voice, then seeing a falcon swoop low over the road as I was almost home.

There is so much life around us, yet so few people actually notice or appreciate it.

I was in Texas about 12 years ago for a training course and over lunch one day I asked the group I was eating with what the birds were that were singing. No one knew, none had even noticed that they were there (whereas for me they dominated the soundscape). It made me feel sad, that even people attending a self awareness and self mastery course could be so disconnected from the natural world around them.

It isn’t confined to the USA, it is almost as common here in New Zealand.

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