Laurie- Boundaries

Are your boundaries in good condition?
Are they effective?

Hi Laurie,

Boundaries is a topic I have written a lot about over the years.
Every level of form or distinction requires boundaries, to enable it to be different from what is around.

Without boundaries form cannot exist.
And, as you say, we have many different types of boundaries.

And complex boundaries can be very flexible and responsive to context, letting some things come and go, stopping others, actively transporting others.

We are very complex and ever changing entities, much more like a fountain than a statue in the nature of our forms.

We breath, we eat, we drink, we listen, we contemplate, we observe, we interact, ….
Our boundaries always changing, responding to context in more or less appropriate ways.

We have history and memories, and we are an ever becoming, full of possibilities and tendencies and creativity.

Yes, we must have boundaries, and hard boundaries tend to become brittle and break.

The essence of complexity lies in responsiveness and cooperation, in our ability to transcend our current being and create something beyond, repeatedly.

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