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Why do physicists believe in the graviton if gravity is just the warping of space-time? – reply by Charles Slade

“The map is not the territory”

Great explanation.

One further trip around that maypole – consider what neuroscience and evolutionary theory are telling us about our experience.

We don’t experience reality directly or accurately.
It seems that our conscious experience is usually of a slightly predictive model of reality assembled by our subconscious systems, and that model is very sensitive to context (both our emotional context and the context we find ourselves in).

When one starts to understand how complex reality is (and we are), we have no option but to simplify it (or our understandings of ourselves) down to some useful approximation.

Evolution does not necessarily reward more accurate models.

Evolution rewards models that can be generated quickly enough, accurately enough, and on as little metabolic energy as possible, that work at least as well as other alternatives available (summed over all of those variables) in all the contexts our ancestors found themselves in (not necessarily those we find ourselves in now).

There is no survival value in having a brain that can perfectly calculate the dimensions, velocity and future path of a bus, if it takes 30 seconds to do so, and you only have 15 seconds from first seeing the bus and its path intersecting with yours (in a fight with a fast moving bus, you lose, way over 90% of the time).
Speed is important.

The more urgent the need for a solution (approximating over time to the more stress one is feeling), the simpler the model that will be subconsciously selected.

Thus, we all experience some sort of simplification of whatever reality is as our experiential reality, and the more stressed we are, the greater our tendency to simplify the complexity present down to simple binaries.

Under stress, we all tend to actually experience the world as Friend or Foe, Good or Bad, Right or Wrong, light or dark, hot or cold, etc. That has real consequences for all of us.

Some people are put into permanently high stress contexts by our social systems. The probability of them being able to develop complex and subtle conceptions of reality (either subconsciously or consciously) is very low.

The more simple the model in use, the greater the probability of an extreme outcome.

That applies at every level of perception and abstraction.

Creating high stress contexts for people is not a high probability survival context for anyone.
When one is not sure that food will be found today (or any day in the future), or one is facing any real life threatening risk on a daily basis, it is hard to build complex and subtle abstract models of reality (the probability of it happening rapidly falls to a close approximation to 0).

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