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A foundations of logic link to the medium article What is Mathematical Reality?

It seems entirely probable to me that reality need not be causal in any hard sense, and it is undeniable that it is a very close approximation in many contexts.

It seems that mathematical and logical reality is a set of relationships that can be instantiated by following particular sets of rules.
In this sense, they have a certain reality, independent of any particular instantiation in any particular mind (human or non-human, biological or non-biological).
Does the existence of such systems mean that reality (whatever it actually is) necessarily follows any particular set of rules in any particular context?
No. Not necessarily.

Reality (whatever it actually is) seems to be very complex, and seems to have aspects that are fundamentally uncertain within particular sets of constraints. Thus it can approximate causal systems very closely in large collections, and the smallest thing a human can see is a very large collection of fundamental stuff, so things tend to behave reasonably lawfully most of the time at our normal level of perception.

It seems very likely that minds are the result of evolution, and that non-mindful matter existed prior to mind, and therefore that whatever reality is, it can get along just fine without minds to observe it.

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