Foundations of Logic – Truth is transient

Original post in FOLogic – by Manju Sambander – Truth is Transient – All agree?
Robert Mosimann replied – It was never True that the earth was flat.

Depends what one means by true.

There are at least three quite different classes of meaning that are collapsed into that one word.

One class relates to the logical consequences of sets of postulates, and thus has a relationship to those postulates (as in logic and mathematics).

Another class relates to reports of subjective experience, as to the accuracy of the reporting of the experience as experienced by an individual.

The third class relates to the degree of correspondence between a description of reality and whatever reality actually is. This latter class seems to be one dealing with sufficient levels of complexity that it is always some level of “useful approximation”.

In this sense, the idea that the earth is flat is a sufficiently useful approximation to build a house from lumber, but not to accurately travel around the planet, and nowhere near close enough to build a functioning GPS system.

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