Free Will – yet again

Is Free Will illusion.

It depends entirely on the assumption sets one accepts.

If everything has strict causality, then free will is entirely illusion.

If reality is constrained randomness at the Planck scale or lower (rather than strict causality), then free will of a sort is possible; but it is a freedom with many levels of necessary constraints. Pure freedom is essentially the cosmic background radiation – uniformly random. Constraints are required for complexity to emerge and survive.

We seem to embody some 20 levels of such constraints and emergent complex adaptive cooperative systems.

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If the universe within which we live is entirely deterministic, then free will has nothing at all to do with neuroscience, it is entirely illusory.

If the universe within which we live is a balance between the lawful and the random, some sort of constrained randomness at some fundamental level, then free will is a logical possibility, and neuroscience can be useful in investigating some aspects of the degrees of freedom available.

It seems probable to me that the latter case is the sort of universe we live in. Robert strongly disagrees with that contention.

In no universe is it possible to have entirely free will. Any form of structure necessarily requires boundaries, and that applies as much to “will” as anything else.

Is that any clearer?

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