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Pucker Up!

What’s your favorite fruit or essential oil?

Hi Laurie,

I’m not a grapefruit fan, though I do like most other fruits. Passionfruit are perhaps my favourite.

I do recall one interesting incident in respect of grapefruit from when I was about 15. We lived in an old house on a farm at the time, and there was a big grapefruit tree outside my bedroom window. Mum loved grapefruit, but so did the possums.

One particular night I woke to the sound of possums fighting, and looked out the window to see dozens of them in the tree in the moonlight.

Next morning I went out, and there were hundreds of naked grapefruit hanging in the tree.

The possums had eaten the skin, but left fruit.

After that, mum encouraged me to lower the possum density, so I took on hunting them, and killed several hundred from the farm over a period of a couple of months, but those two images of a tree full of possums in the moonlight, and of naked grapefruit hanging from the tree in the morning sunshine, have remained clear in my memory for the last 50 years.

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