Cancer cure article reference

Ngaio sent me a link on facebook to this article, and asked – is this just a big tease?

to which I replied

It is sort of accurate.
We have known about several mechanisms for inducing apoptosis (cell suicide) for quite some time. The trick is to induce it only in the cells you want to get rid of, and not any of the nearby ones.
The original research is published here:

[followed by def just for scientists lol]

Hi Ngaio, yeah – I thought that might happen. I’ve been studying that sort of stuff since 1970, so it is familiar to me in ways that not many people get.

I just love the way that the chemistry of life seems to actually work.
It is not the sort of neat and tidy science that many think of, but rather a science based in quantum mechanics that is fundamentally messy and uncertain at several distinctly different levels; with everything influencing everything else, all at the same time; yet it manages to work.

As one delves deeply into the patterns present, one starts to get a feeling for just how profoundly complex even the simplest of life is, and at the same time, the principles present behind the systems are in a mathematical and logical sense relatively simple (even if appreciating that simplicity requires one to give up the classical idea of true and false as being anything more than simple approximations to something profoundly more complex and fundamentally uncertain).

So yeah, not a journey for those attached to the idea of “Truth” and certainty; one has to be able to get comfortable with the idea of eternal uncertainty; and be able to make do with contextually useful probabilities.
But I am a self confessed geek. Biochemistry and computers are two of the things that most fascinate me (along with living systems generally and people in particular) {systems upon systems upon systems …. – about 20 levels of sets of systems in every one of us}.


[followed by Ngaio asked – So, as a scientist do you have any thoughts of the concept of Wairuatanga?]

Hi Ngaio,

For me Wairuatanga is an attempt by some of our ancestors to make some sort of sense of the deep relatedness that exists between multiple levels of systems; but to do so in a context that lacks any sort of clear understanding about quantum uncertainty and relatedness; complex adaptive systems; molecular, cellular, systemic and cultural evolution; or the structure and function of the deep neural networks that characterise our ability to develop language and abstract concepts.

So for me, it contains many useful heuristics (shortcuts that work in practice), even as many of the ideas embodied in it are clearly not at all how things actually work at the micro level.
Thus it can be a useful approximation in a practical sense, even as it is far from useful in the more theoretical sense.

And for me, useful approximation is about as good as knowledge gets – ever – any level (reality does in fact seem to be that complex).

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