Quora – Can you refute Darwin’s theory of evolution based on Islamic sources? I am confused about the theory of evolution.

Can you refute Darwin’s theory of evolution based on Islamic sources? I am confused about the theory of evolution.

Once one makes the choice (consciously or subconsciously) to “believe” anything (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, objectivism or any other “ism”), then by definition one has suspended the ability to actually question; and all subsequent models flow from that “belief”.

The alternative approach, is that taken by modern science, which is to be open to the possibility of questioning and testing anything and everything, and acknowledging the practical need to have some set of useful heuristics that one normally uses in practice.

In a very real sense, evolution is the outcome of such a commitment to questioning; and as such is the opposite of all “belief” based systems. The theory that all cellular life on this planet seems most probably to have started from a single cell some 4 billion years ago, and evolved by a suite of processes of evolution by natural selection, has a vast set of sets of evidence that make it seem very probable indeed.

Unfortunately, few people seem to have either the time, resources or inclination to make themselves familiar with those evidence sets, or to ask the really difficult questions that are appropriate to some of those evidence sets.

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