Free Will again – Trick thread continues

Trick’s Free will site again

rom ask – how does chaotic molecular behaviour give us free will

Hi rom,

It all comes down to the nature of the freedom involved.

I acknowledge that form requires boundaries.

I acknowledge that communication and degrees of influence must exist.

It all comes down to how hard is the connection in causal terms.
Can degrees of randomness give us sufficient isolation from the hard stream of causal influence to give us some useful approximation to freedom?

It seems to me that the answer is yes.

[past trick’s 500 character limit]

And it can never be a hard separation – there must remain boundaries and influences, and they need not be of a hard causal nature. Kind of the mirror image of Shannon meets von Neumann. To me, it is something von Neumann seemed to be pointing to in his Silliman lecture (that he never got to deliver).

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