Back on the bus

Get Back on the Bus

What keeps you on track?

Hi Laurie,

What gets me on a bus is deadlines.

And as you are aware from my latest writing:
Key themes required for understanding
life at every level seems to demand a balance between order and chaos, between being on the bus, or just wandering in the wilderness.

I guess a big part of my life is doing the wandering, searching the unexplored territory for both threats and opportunities; looking for ways to effectively mitigate the very real risks facing us all today.

And I can certainly be “on the bus” when a deadline approaches. Had one instance a few years ago where as the start date for a major software project I had been working on for 6 months approached, and I was able to put real data into the system, an issue emerged. I spent 40 hours at the keyboard with the only breaks being for essential toileting. I made the deadline with 2 hours to spare, and the system worked.

And I seem to have a preference for the more chaotic aspect of the searching of new spaces.
That was one of the very interesting things to emerge from database theory about 10 years ago, that for a fully loaded processor, the most efficient search possible is a fully random search. Creating and maintaining indexes can speed access in times when speed is required, but it actually takes more processor cycles overall than simply randomly searching the available knowledge space.

And the page above is my latest session “on the bus”, trying to give some idea to others of what it is I have discovered in my journeying.

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Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) with reasonable security, tools, resources and degrees of freedom, and reasonable examples of the natural environment; and that is going to demand responsibility from all of us - see
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  1. Jessica says:

    I must say that I have a very similar position in life and enjoy the more chaotic aspects. I was not aware of the database theory but I must say that it is a beautiful, concrete example of the philosophy illustrated.


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