A Modern Nostradamus – Prophecies of Himalayan Yogi Acharya Sri

For me, the prophet Ray Kurzweil is the best around:

His predictions are based upon trends in technology that seem to be largely driving the sorts of possibilities that become present.

And Ray’s predictions align with many of those above.
As automation becomes more competent, and 3D printing reaches molecular level manufacturing, a step change will occur.
When we make the first set of machines capable of completely manufacturing another copy of themselves using solar power and local rock (under human control, not under their own will – so not Artificial General Intelligence, but more more restricted version), then the game changes.
If it takes 2 weeks to make a copy, then within 2 years there can be one for every person on the planet.
Anything that set of machines can make can be universally available.
Every time someone creates a program that allows it to make something new – that too can be universally available – world wide, within seconds.

It still takes time to build things, to grow things, but the machines will then be able to build and maintain tunnel houses for growing food, and to individually tend the plants within to ensure everyone has fresh wholesome food.
Sanitation, healthcare, housing, water storage, transport (electric trikes), education – all universally available.

Every person empowered with the tools to do whatever they responsibly choose.

Not very far away.

For many, actually having real freedom and real responsibility will be a novel experience.

And freedom always comes with responsibility – they cannot be separated.

Complex systems require boundaries for survival, and the more complex the systems the more complex and context sensitive those boundaries must be.

We know of nothing more complex than the human mind.

We are each individuals, and we are each social beings, and we are biological entities in ecosystems.
Being human isn’t one or another, it is all of these things, and each of them is really complex – the sort of complexity that one can study for decades and still feel like child in a library.

So learning to be responsible for the maintenance of the sorts of complex boundaries that are required to maintain all the essential aspects of our being will be a profound journey for many, many orders of magnitude more complex than most have any conception of at present.

And that will be across every dimension of being.

And there are are many aspects of practical wisdom that are encoded in ancient cultures, many of the sort that Jordan Peterson speaks of in his Maps of Meaning, and Biblical series of lectures freely available on YouTube.

How we each navigate and maintain the eternal balance between order and chaos that seems to be the Dao of humanity will define us each.
Avoiding the dangers of the extremes of order and chaos, in meta shadows of the Greek virtue of the mean, will be the job of each and every one of us.

For me, everything is probabilities, nothing is certain, and some things are certainly far more probable than others.

Each and every one of us need to embrace both our rights and our responsibilities in every dimension of our being, individual, social, biological. Anything less than that has low probability survival outcomes.
And there is real hope, as we are all much better behaved when others are watching, than when we can “get away with things”, and technology is going to ensure that we are all watched by many others whenever we are in public spaces.
And that has to be combined with the technology to deliver abundance of all reasonable needs. Without that aspect, only chaos can ensue.

Our understanding of evolution must change.
More people must start to see that evolution is not just competition, but that all complexity results from new levels of cooperation.
Competition drives to simplicity and agression – which has a lot of risk built in.
Cooperation allows for the emergence of new levels of complexity and creativity (which has its own risks, but also has many solutions to older risks).

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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