Deep Heat

News report – The sleeping dragon: Researchers find blazing heat beneath the Southern Alps

Ropert’s Blog
Nature Article quite fascinating – the fact that rapid upthrust from depth alone can account for the high heat gradient observed.

reply to comment by Schwifty – “It’s disheartening and irritating to see how many people are so confident that they already knew this”…..

Yes and no.
Yes – agree with your description of the problem, but not with everything else.
Accepting experts just because they are experts is every bit as much of a problem.
One needs to be able to give due attention to the statements of experts, and be willing to question them in the light of the evidence available.

7 years ago I watched an expert write “palliative care only” on my file as he told me there was nothing known to medical science that could improve the probabilities of my survival, which he gave as – could be dead in 6 weeks, a 50% chance of seeing 5 months and a 2% chance of seeing 2 years (stage 4 metastasized melanoma).

That got my attention, and starting me seriously reviewing any and all evidence sets I could find.
There is actually a lot of evidence that a plant based diet significantly reduces cancer risk.
There is mounting evidence that the rate limiting factor in immune system function for most people is vitamin C.
I’ve been clear of cancer for over 6 years (vegan, no added sugar, high dose vit c).

When I went back to that oncologist 2 years later his comment to me was – “whatever you are doing keep on doing it, and if I recommend it to anyone else I will lose my job”. That fact is largely a result of the incentives to make profit in the existing medical system.
That is just one of a large and rapidly growing class of situations where the incentives of market values and the needs of human beings are now directly in opposition. That happens when automation allows for the possibility of universal abundance, but markets must necessarily value the universal abundance of anything at zero – hence conflict. The greater our ability to automate, the greater the conflict.
As someone who has owned and operated a software business for over 30 years it is more clear to me than to most.

The case for anti vaxers is more complex than it seems.
Yes vaccination is better for society, and some of the vaccines have mercury based antibiotics in them. The documentation correctly states that the dosage of mercury is within annual limits, but it amounts to around 200 days worth of that annual limit. So for some on the extreme end of the sensitivity curve there is likely to be severe reactions.
The mercury is there simply as a cost cutting exercise. Individual vaccinations would mean it was not required.

So situations are often very complex, and few people understand complexity, or effective management techniques for different classes of complexity.

Fewer still are prepared to really examine and question all assumption sets present.

Most experts are paid by someone to achieve some outcome – the whole truth is often the first casualty. Obfuscation rules in today’s society.

We all need to be prepared to question anything and everything, and to look very closely at the systems and incentives present.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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