Ideapod – What is science

What Is Science? Do We Need It And Can The Truth Be Found?

Hi Justin & Mark,

Liked most of what you said in your video.

Rather than characterising science as the search for objective truth (which as you noted might not be possible), it seems much more accurate to me to characterise science as a process of successive refinement of our models of reality, with progressively more accurate approximations as the outcome.

The essence of science seems to be a willingness to question any and all assumptions, to consider alternative explanatory paradigms and models, and to select models on their utility relative to context using evidence sets based on experiment.

If one is building a house with lumber, hammer and nails, then considering the earth to be flat and Newtonian gravity to dominate are useful approximations.
If one is trying to build a functioning GPS system, then round earth and Einsteinian relativistic space-time are a minimum set.

When one gets into the details of the computational and strategic environments of life, it gets complex.

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