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Burnt Sox

Burnt Socks What was the last thing you burned? At Jewelia’s 21st I was in charge of BBQ, and got some charcoal and then couldn’t find any paper to start the fire. So I found a tiny piece of paper, … Continue reading

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Tom’s Facebook post on Trust and Truth

Tom’s Post on trust and truth The simplest possible approximation to an infinity is a binary, and it is therefore the first one our brains must make during development. We tend to get attached to the comfort and certainty such … Continue reading

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Life worth living – suicide?

Jan. 26-28,’17 ~QofDay~ Life Worth Living ~ Suicide “What does it mean to ask whether life is worth living?” AND HENCE – “Under what conditions, if any, could suicide be justified?” A lot in what both FOS and Mendy Lou … Continue reading

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Religion and war

Feb. 7-9,’17 ~QofDay~ Religion Why does religion cause so much war? A lot in Judi’s post that I fundamentally align with: our need for stories, the need for universal cooperation, the depths of complexity present, the fundamental uncertainties we face. … Continue reading

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Evonomics – narrative for a complex age.

It’s Time for New Economic Thinking Based on the Best Science Available, Not Ideology A new narrative for a complex age It has to be about far more than economics. There are so many dimensions to the issues facing us, … Continue reading

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Objectivity ?

Objectivity is dead, and I’m okay with it A couple of things that need clarifying here. The simplistic notion of objectivity is dead — always has been, only ever applied to children. Real objectivity is like a star, something in … Continue reading

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Human Nature – Evolution and morality

WHAT CAN EVOLUTION TELL US ABOUT MORALITY? Its always survival of the fittest, but what does fit mean? Evolution is always about survival of the fittest, what can change profoundly is the nature of the “landscape” within which “fitness” is … Continue reading

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A Heavy Load Has extending forgiveness, or the lack thereof, played a role in your health and wellness? Last evening coming home from Jewelia’s 21st in Wellington we very nearly had a head on collision with a truck overtaking another … Continue reading

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Wolfram – defining intelligence

Stephen Wolfram – How Should We Talk to AIs? It seems clear to me that there is a clear and minimal differentiation between computation and intelligence that is meaningful in the sense of “purpose”, and that is that the computation … Continue reading

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Space between

The Space Between Life happens in the space between. And it’s meant to be savored. Do you give yourself enough space? Space is an interesting idea. The naive version is emptiness, but modern cosmology seems to be telling us that … Continue reading

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