Space between

The Space Between

Life happens in the space between. And it’s meant to be savored.
Do you give yourself enough space?

Space is an interesting idea.

The naive version is emptiness, but modern cosmology seems to be telling us that such a thing cannot exist. It seems that space itself is fundamentally creative, and will (with some probability) create some pair of positive and negative somethings (that sum to zero, thus conserving mass conservation laws – gravity is negative mass/energy in this sense) to populate anything approaching a vacuum.

It seems that what most of us call “space”, is a change of the population of things that occupy our awareness.

Our minds are very habitual, and sometimes our “trains of thought” get stuck on tracks left by previous thoughts. Sometimes having a different landscape can sufficiently alter the patterning of our brains that when the train appears again, it is able to travel a new and more interesting “track”. Such seems to be a fundamental aspect of our creativity.

And space in terms of time is also interesting.
It seems that the reality we find ourselves in has a fundamental minimum that is about 10^-43 of a second, but that human brains cannot do better than about 10^-2 of a second (1/100 second) – so that in terms of the fundamental reality we exist in, it experiences some 10^41 time units in 1/100 of a second that is the smallest unit of time we can appreciate. To put that number in perspective, if you took all the seconds that have existed since the universe began some 14 billion years ago, and divided each of them into that same number of pieces, you are getting close to 10^40.

So a lot happens in reality that we cannot possibly appreciate.
Fortunately, the smallest things we can see are made of very large collections of the fundamental stuff, and large collections of things tend to change more slowly than individual units, so we can mostly make some sort of sense of our existence – and a lot of what we think is necessarily illusion.
A lot of our rules and laws and understandings are necessarily simplistic approximations to something that is vastly more complex.

And yes – taking space, making space, is vital. And there is always something of a delicate balance between sufficient space to maintain identity and creativity, and so much space that communication with others becomes almost impossible, as there is so little common ground left that can serve as the shared basis of understanding.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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