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How understanding valence could help make future AIs safer-continued A reply to Mike’s reply Hi Mike, Having been through several conscious loops of over-riding and reconfiguring “valence” at many levels (in training for deep diving, in training for survival in … Continue reading

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Ideapod – Enlightenment continued

An additional comment in the longest running ideapod discussion on Enlightenment Agree that clarity does not necessarily require a lot of words, and nor can clarity be achieved by simplifying below the level of complexity present and relevant to the … Continue reading

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My Xmas facebook message

My Christmas facebook message Happy and prosperous times Everyone! I am not religious, and all my understandings relating to reality are probability based. And I am very clear about the outcome spaces of complex systems and complex strategic sets – … Continue reading

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Ideapod – the Hedonist imperative

Ideapod – The End of Suffering Jason Da Silva on the Hedonistic Imperative I largely agree with DeepThinker. Having been through a terminal cancer diagnosis, and having chosen to give up all the foods that tasted “good” to me, and … Continue reading

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IEET – Poll on best ways to resist global fascism

IEET Audience Divided on Best Way to Resist Global Fascism A poll of members of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies Reality seems to be really complex, far more so than most socially accepted linguistic structures allow for. It … Continue reading

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Root cause of racism?

Jan. 7-9,’17 ~QofDay~ Root Cause of Racism What is the root cause of racism? A very complex question, with not a single cause but many levels of overlapping cause. Mostly it comes back to people existing in competitive rather than … Continue reading

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2017 – the beginning of the Age of Abundance

AI/Robotics – Is the End of Humanity Coming ? – continued It is almost 3 years since this particular thread started, and it periodically resumes activity I am declaring 2017 the year of universal positive abundance, security and responsible freedom. … Continue reading

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