Shouting Doesn’t Help


Hi Laurie,

You and Len have very similar issues to Ailsa and I. Ailsa doesn’t think in 3D. She is an atrocious navigator.
I read what you wrote that Len said, and I constructed a 3D image in my head. It worked perfectly for me.

Ailsa won’t do that for me.

We have had several meltdowns on road trips.

I have learned that if she is driving, I need to give only one instruction at a time, like move to the left lane now. And not say anything more until that one is complete.
That doesn’t work for me.

I try to have a mental model of where I am going that is as accurate as possible as far ahead as possible, which means at minimum 2 minutes ahead. Usually I commit the entire route to memory before starting a journey – even if it is a journey of 500 miles. I already have all the major roads in this country (every corner for most of state highway 1 – 1200 miles) committed to memory, so only need to deal with the minor roads we want to travel.

I recall my flying instructor saying to me about 25 years ago – any time the plane gets some place that your mind wasn’t at least 90 seconds ago, you are in trouble.
Once taking that message on-board, I won the local, regional and national precision landing competitions that year.

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