Ideapod – Enlightenment continued

Longing for Enlightenment – Cont’d

Continued discussion on Ideapod started in July 2014

For me,enlightenment is being open to questioning anything, and open to different interpretations of the evidence sets available, and open to new contexts and domains of interpretation.

For me, such enlightenment is a never-ending journey, it is not any sort of destination.

For me, such enlightenment holds implicitly the concept of infinite recursion.

For me, the more I ‘know” (using know in the probabilistic sense), the more conscious I become of my profound ignorance.

So enlightenment is a journey, one I enjoy, rather than any sort of place I want to get to. I could imagine the journey continuing, and being interesting, for the rest of eternity, and I might die before then.

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Hi Tano

Perhaps what you call enlightenment and what I call enlightenment are two different things.

If I had to try and put the major aspects into one sentence it would probable come out something like:

Enlightenment is accepting all that is, which includes our eternal ignorance, fundamental uncertainty in all things real, diversity in understanding, ongoing evolution and exploration of both reality and our conceptual models and understandings; and bringing to that an appreciation, a love, and equally a commitment to cooperation and justice for all sapient entities, in as much as that is possible in the context of exponentially expanding diversity in all dimensions of existence.

And most of the nouns in that sentence could probably be expanded to a book for me at this time, and I expect my understanding to keep on expanding for as long as I manage to keep on existing.

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