Honda fit

Honda Fit — Barely!

What was your most recent barely fit, tight squeeze situation?

Hi Laurie

When I first met Ailsa she a full blood English Mastiff “Shandy” that was heavier than me and almost twice Ailsa’s weight. Now we have “Sandy” who is a mastiff lab cross, and Huia who is all lab. Putting the two of them in the back of Ailsa’s little Diahatsu is often something of a tight fit.

Having the two of them on their couch can be something of a tight fit also.

One of my close friends used to have an Irish Wolfhound “Finnigan”. Fin would greet me by walking up to me, and putting his front paws on my shoulders and resting his chin on my head. I’m 6’2″ – Fin was a big boy.

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