An issue to die for?

November 14-16,’16 ~QofDay~ An Issue You Would Die for…

What issue would you be willing to die for?

Like others here, I have thought about this a lot.

I’d rather live.
I’d rather everyone lived, and sometimes sh*t happens.
Just had a 7.5 quake quite close, with many aftershocks. The house is rocking and rolling a couple of times an hour at present. Two people died, and quite a few injuries, and a lot of houses that will never be lived in again.
We were lucky, and got power back on the same day (cell phone towers are right beside us – they gotta be good for something), over half the district still don’t have power.
We lost our big TV and a mirror and some glassware, but not much really. Those bookcases not anchored to the walls went over (now they’re all anchored to the walls).

Most of the town is also without water, but we have a 700 gallon reserve tank for just such emergencies.

All roads are out.
Have had lots of helicopters around. Two navy vessels arrived today and are taking most of the tourists out. Could be over a month before the main highway opens again – massive slips. Could be 6 months before they get the rail link reopened.
Most people have been amazing – helping each other out, looking after each other – great community.

Quite an experience.
Wasn’t possible to stand in the original quake.

We have a geologist staying for the night, just heard him come back – better go.

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Hi OM,

In some aspects it is degenerating into something of a bureaucratic nightmare, in others things are going remarkably well.

Officially, the one passable road is closed due to hazards.

Yet every day convoys of “official” vehicles pass over it.

Quite a few people who are much more skilled at 4WD over rough terrain than any of the “Officials” are starting to get more than a little upset at the bureaucratic nonsense.

Now 8 days since a road was officially passable. (Yet every day some people make it past the official blockades and get out and back in – every one of them safely – yet officialdom learns nothing – just sit an cover their backsides and pass the buck – yes certainly the road is high risk, and requires a much higher than average skill level, and this is rough country, with a lot of skilled off-road drivers.)
All officials are “passing the buck. Civil defense say it is Transport Agency ban, Transport Agency say it is s Civil Defense ban.
All of us who know the road know it is easily passable by someone with good off-road skills, in a good high clearance 4WD (all of our mates who have been across it tell us so – now numbering close to a hundred). I’m no longer in the group, as the engine on my Hilux dropped a big end shell last month, so is awaiting some serious attention I don;t have time or money to give it.

Fortunately a little bit of sanity has prevailed, and some unofficial channels have allowed some traffic to sidestep the ban without threat of prosecution.

And it is starting to get a bit beyond a joke though.
Some really annoyed individuals in town.

Ass covering bureaucracy working to the lowest common denominator, rather than a bit of common sense and devolved judgment.
If it continues much longer, it will be economic and social chaos in this town.

Fortunately, most of the people on the ground here have done great things for most people here. And it is always the exceptions that get noticed.

It is a great example of where rule based (process based) systems fail, and we simply need to devolve decision making to experienced people on the ground, with ability to make exceptions on a case by case basis. Anything less than that leads to hugely suboptimal outcomes.

And most people are not skilled off roaders, so this isn’t really an issue for them, but it would be really nice to have some of those guys going out and coming back with things that official channels are not supplying. I just bought the last piece of plumbing waste pipe in town, we could use a lot more, and a lot more people are going to start waking up to that fact soon – I’m rejigging my plumbing so that I can run my dishwasher and clothes washer without anything going to the sewer system – currently there is a ban on dishwashers and clothes washers that will probably remain for months.
People are starting to smell quite third worldly.

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