Thanks giving

October 10-13,’16 ~QofDay~ Happy Thanksgiving Canada

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

We don’t.
We have no such tradition down here in New Zealand.

Here I just do my best to appreciate the wonders of existence every day.

It seems most likely to me that all of this amazing reality I find myself in is the result of a mix of randomness within a certain set of probability functions, and lawfulness built atop that, leading to evolution over a great deal of time. That sort of reality, that is a mix of the lawful and the random, seems to allow for both predictable technologies like computers, jet engines, evolution by natural selection, and for real freedom in the sense of free choice, moral action, etc for self aware software systems like ourselves.

It seems that only in such a reality could things like us, self aware conscious entities in biological bodies, evolve.

The stories that we have created about ourselves on that journey are many and splendid, and in some senses useful heuristics for their time, and in other senses mostly very poor maps of the territory we find ourselves in.

And any map is only a shadow of the thing it maps, suitable for a set of purposes, and less suitable for other purposes, as seems to be the nature of all understanding.

This reality we find ourselves in seems to be so complex, that the best sort of map/understanding any human mind can manage is something significantly less than a one to a trillion scale.

I am awed by cosmology.
I am awed by our planet.
I am awed by life, from viruses to ecosystems.
I am awed by human beings, and culture and the stories and understandings we create, and who we be for each other.
I am awed by the systems and logic that seem to have created all I experience.

We, as human beings, seem capable of the highest levels of cooperation, and also the lowest levels of competition and cheating. Our dominant social structures do not actually bring out the best in most people, they do not actually consistently support and reward people in working cooperatively together for the benefit of all.

So, yes – give thanks by all means, and also do what is needed to create, by our individual choices, a world that is truly cooperative, and truly supports every individual in responsible free expression of their individuality in a social and ecological context.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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