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Alzheimer’s again

Why Does ApoE4 Increase Alzheimer’s Risk? Carrying 1 or 2 copies of a particular gene ApoE4 increases risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease as well as lowering the age of onset, but how does it do it? True enough, need to … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Behavioural Economics

Please, Not Another Bias! The Problem with Behavioral Economics I agree with most of what you wrote, and I suspect we might agree about most things, and to me there are some very important aspects of the context that are … Continue reading

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New cancer drug delivery system

New cancer-drug delivery system uses magnetically guided bacteria to target cancerous tumors with high precision Bacteria that detect both magnetic field lines and low-oxygen concentrations This is interesting, but it also displays the great weakness of our current context of … Continue reading

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August 14-16,’16 ~QofDay~ Thoughts Where do thoughts come from? Where thoughts come from is such a deep question. It seems that there are many simultaneous sources and influences on our thoughts. In one sense, the structure of our biochemistry, our … Continue reading

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Updates to a June Post

I have added two new replies to this post: The final point is very clear and explicit.

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Anti-inflammatory drug reverses memory loss in Alzheimer’s-disease-model mice Agree with Erik – the precise mechanism is important. Woodrow Monte has done a lot of very good science on the dietary model of Alzheimer’s, which works. Mice fed a diet containing … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone

Your Comfort Zone May Destroy The World Sadly, staying in our ideological comfort zones has put us on a path to world destruction. Your comment “Living in an echo chamber is not an evolutionarily stable strategy” is not necessarily true. … Continue reading

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Rock On

Rock On! Have you ever built a cairn? Hi Laurie I’ve built hundreds of cairns, mostly when tramping, to mark places where for some reason the path is difficult to find, and some help is needed. We have a beach … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Capitalism

Evonomic – How Capitalism Actually Generates More Inequality Why extending markets or increasing competition won’t reduce inequality The first line of argument simply couldn’t be any more false. “At least nominally, capitalism embodies and sustains an Enlightenment agenda of freedom … Continue reading

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Modern feudalism

Oligarchy, Predators, and Parasites: What the New Feudalists Would Be Doing Now, if They Had Sense. The smartest billionaires today want nothing to do with feudalist trends A great deal of truth in all you write David. Yet you do … Continue reading

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