June 24-26,’16 ~ QofDay~ Acquire Curiosity

What would you desire to acquire in your curiosity?

This is such a dimensional question.
Judi explores one aspect of that dimensionality beautifully. An aspect that seems to occur to me as the vast unknowability of being, the numbers of which I have explored in many other posts.
And there do seem to be many other aspects.

I don’t have an idea of going anywhere in particular.
My idea of where my curiosity might lead is more in the nature of an indefinite journey, with ever expanding possibilities that one can gain awareness of.
An explorer on such a journey cannot possibly have control in any hard sense, and they can take prudent precautions to influence aspects of their local environment that seem to have the greatest influence on the likelihood of survival.

And on such a journey, an exploration of the infinite, one must accept that there cannot be any absolute assurance of anything, just best guesses, best endeavours.

So there are many aspects of it.

An exploration of what is this thing that is me, while at the same time acknowledging that aspects of what I am will remain forever unknown and unknowable. The simple numbers on the computational complexity of what we already know of the broad biochemical nature of being human demand such acceptance. The nature of the evolutionary processes that seem to have created this biochemical reality that is me (and us) is profound.

An exploration of understanding itself.
Looking at the nature of intelligence, the nature of desire, the nature of knowledge?
Does this idea called “Truth” have any real meaning, or is it all just simplistic illusion based upon invalid assumptions?
50 years of explorations down that set of questions had me looking at the works of philosophers through the ages, from Plato and Aristotle, through to Kant, Bentham, Hume, Mill, Smith, Riccardo, Marx, Descartes, de Chardin, Darwin, Wallace, Russell, Wittgenstein, Popper, Kuhn, Skinner, Weiner, Rand, Kolmogorov, Turing and a host of others, through to living philosophers like Dennett, Harvey, Chomski, Dawkins, Searle, Kurzweil, and many more. In every case I found errors, and in every case I learned something significant.
That seems to be the nature of understanding, of curiosity.
Constant enquiry.
Path without end.

Once one leaves behind the necessary early idea that one can understand anything, and starts to understand that in all non-trivial cases (and any human being, any life form, is non-trivial), all understanding is necessarily limited by simplifying approximations, then curiosity takes on a new and indefinite form.

Once one starts to appreciate the infinite dimensionality possible, not just one infinity, but any infinite stack of infinities (some of which themselves contain infinite stacks of infinities), then one starts to appreciate the nature of infinite wonder, infinite journey, path without end.

For Dr Who fans, it’s kind of like a TARDIS, in which some rooms hold new TARDISes….

So for me, I kind of see how evolution can produce brains, and cultures, and put into those brains and cultures a drive to explore, and to use that new knowledge to aid survival.
And having gotten there, and understanding all that (to some useful approximation), and understanding something of the nature of freedom and choice, choosing to continue such explorations.

In a sense, the objective of my curiosity is curiosity itself.
The indefinite, unending journey of exploration into the nature of what I am, and the nature of what is possible; in the full knowledge that such a journey will forever alter such nature.
That simple experience of being the journey.
I am that I am, a being in each instant, a constant becoming of the next new instant.

To the extent that I experience memory of a path through time, I have a certain consistency, and it seems there is always some new variation on some old theme present there somewhere.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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