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Seems like there might be as many dimensions available as we are prepared to look for and investigate Torch. Why sweat the small numbers? 😉

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Hi Deb,

Not quite confident what you mean by the term “hierarchical superiority”.

It seems clear to me that there are no potential limits on the number of dimensions one can explore.

In terms of paths of possible exploration, there does seem to be a hierarchy, in the sense that one must have a certain minimum level of experience in one dimension before access to the next level of dimensions is possible.

In terms of games theory, in outcomes of “tournaments” in the most abstract of senses, it seems that there are specific contexts in any dimension that can dominate other contexts on any other dimension. Thus, in terms of tournament success, exploration of higher order dimensionality is no guarantee of success, and it does seem to alter the probabilities in one’s favour most of the time.

And in the more abstract sense still, such an outcome is a strong driver to avoid “tournaments” if at all possible.

So the term “superiority” is highly ambiguous to me in this context.

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